National Anthem

Kde domov můj (Where is My Home?) came about almost accidentally, as part of the comedic theatre production Fidlovačka in 1834. Composer František Škroup and playwright Josef Kajetán Tyl even considered omitting the piece from the incidental music, but after the play’s premier it gained instant popularity amongst Czech nationalists — subjugated as they were by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The lyrics now sung are very slightly altered from the original, which had the phrase “Kde vlast je má?” (Where is my homeland?) instead of a repetition in the first line.

Where is my home? Where is my home?
Water hums across the meadows,
Pine groves swish along the crags,
The prime of spring glitters in the orchard —
The sight an earthly paradise!
And that is the beautiful land,
The Czech land, my home.
The Czech land, my home!


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